Fast & Secure Wifi Hotspots

in Australia & Oceania.

is a Speedcast initiative to link businesses & accommodation venues in remote regional Australia with options to offer free or pay as you go high-speed broadband over a wireless network.


Host Roaming WiFi Hotspot at your property*

Provide free or paid internet for your workers/guests

Prevent excessive data charges

Value addition
at low cost

*Terms and conditions apply

Why Roaming Wifi?


Roaming WiFi has been providing Satellite Wifi and Wifi Systems in city and remote accommodation venues in Australia from hotels to mining locations for over 8 years now. We are dedicated in giving the best and reliable Wifi services to our clients, by giving special attention to maintain the usability, reliablity and security of our Wifi systems.

  • More coverage and reliability

    Roaming Wifi uses Satellite Wifi, hence has more coverage and reliability than traditional fibre and cellular networks. Each Roaming WiFi Hotspot has a coverage of 200 - 800 meters which will cover your premises and the surrounding area, making it ideal for rural guest lodging, caravan parks and camping grounds.

  • Travellers Choice

    We have a very wide spread and ever growing network of Wifi Hotspots in the country ranging from cities to remote areas, which makes is a preffered network for travellers to use while roaming.

  • Promote your venue for free

    All the venues that hosts our services are listed and promoted on our website, so that travellers can view more information about your venue.

  • Services Management

    We have a dedicated team to manage our Roaming WiFi Services at your venue, you do not have to spend your resources for training your staff or hiring new to manage our services.

  • No installation or recurring costs

    We take care of installation of all the equipment at your venue.

Social Wifi for your Venue

Hotel guests consider access to Wi-Fi crucial during their stay for using internet both for business and personal activities. Apart from giving them a value addition by providing Free WiFi services you can take advantage of this by using Social Wifi.

What is Social Wifi?

Social Wifi is a system where you can offer free wifi to your guests, by letting them login to your Wifi network by using their Social Media credentials, for gathering useful information about the guests which helps your business gain maximum value through effective marketing to users and their connections.

Know your Customer

Social Wifi will help gain more information about your guests, which will help you to tailor your services to their needs.

Make your business social

Guests can easily recommend your hotel to their friends, in turn helping you to gain more fans and making your business more popular by using social networks.

Offers and Deals

You can easily communicate offers and deals to your guests and their connections on social medias, which improves your business drastically.

Want to know more about how to make your Wifi network into Social Wifi?

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